Shopping is an activity in which customer searches for a set of commodities with an intention to purchase and selects suitable commodity for purchase that he wants. If some people do Shopping for survival, it is time pass for others. Some does shopping for luxury / show off and some keeps on purchasing  unnecessary things  and dump it in their home.

In Ancient times, people depended on hunting, fishing, fruits, vegetables for food and they used to wear clothes made of leaves, grass or animal skin, bird feathers etcetra. Later with introduction of Indus Valley civilization, Indian culture of trade began. In the beginnng Barter system was being followed. In this system, products were exchanged between buyer and seller. For example, if buyer had rice and seller had wheat. Buyer purchased wheat from seller . Seller takes rice from buyer.

Later Cowrie system was introduced as medium of purchase. Buyer used to use Cowrie (Kavade in Kannada) to purchase things. Then during the rule of King Chandragupta Maurya Golden coins were introduced as medium of purchase. Then gradually currency was introduced and in the present information age many new medium of purchase has been introduced including debit cards, credit cards, online money transfers etcetra

Shopping is categorised into 2 main divisions i.e Offline Shopping and Online Shopping

Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages

Offline shopping

This is kind of shopping done at retail stores by the buyer, physically trying or examining the commodities and buying one that buyer liked the most. 


  • Buyer get to see or try the product on the spot and buyer feel comfortable.
  • Since they test/try on the spot, less chance of returning the commodity back to the seller.
  • In case of Offline purchase, they get chance to bargain with seller and seller tries to impress buyer by providing good service and tries to retain customer and make buyer his regular customer.


Nowadays people hardly find time to move out of home for buying things. They are filled up with work, household work, responsibilities or laziness. So They prefer to buy online.

Online shopping

This kind of shopping is done through Debit/credit Card, UPI payments, Net Banking, Mobile Banking facilities etcetra. Customer sits at home and browse through various commodities on mobile internet or Personal computer and  Customer gets commodity delivered at their door steps. 


  • Customer need not go out of home for purchasing anything.
  • Customers can purchase/ return anything with tap on smartphone or with a mouse click on PC. 
  • Customers need not wait in long queue at retail store to pay bill. 
  • Lot of offers available online due to zero operational cost. 


  • Since lot of fake products / brands are being circulated in online market. People doubt on genuinity of products purchased online. So they are shifting to offline purchase. 
  • Browsing for genuine products and checking fir best reviews is time consuming process whereas retail stores only sell genuine products. Thus nowadays, People trust retail shops more.


Whichever method one may use, one should keep track of money that is being spent. It is better to question oneself twice or thrice, that 'whether commodity we are buying is really essential ???'. It is better to avoid unnecessary buying of things for showoff. Because at the end those will be dumped into garbage. In other words we are throwing our hard earned money into garbage!!!. Shop wisely and Stay alert during purchase.