Food is an essential part for livelihood of any organism. Our ancestors used to depend on hunting and fishing for food. Most of them depended on agriculture for vegetables and fruits. They used to eat raw food. However  with human evolution, cooking was discovered, since it would become easier for them to digest food and also easier to eat with smaller teeth or weaker jaws. 

Later with technology upgradation, new kind of processed food was being prepared in bulk and stored with preservatives so that food last longer and serve large customer base . They researched customers mentality and were sure that their business would be huge success.

This made Humans so lazy that they forgot the importance of home cooked food and depended on those readily available processed high calorie junk foods.  Nowadays people are so busy with their work that they do not get time for themselves and depend on readily available street foods hotel food or depend on online food delivery options.

There are 3 kinds of people,

First kind of people are working professionals and they know how to cook, but they are lazy.

2nd kind of people are those who do not want to work in office or at home just depend on food available outside home and

3rd kind of people are those who work in office and try cooking experiments at home but they get bored of home cooked food and want extra tasting food available in hotel or on streets.