When one emigrate to distant places from their home for work or study, one tend to meet several people in transit. We meet few while travelling, few in movie theatre, shopping mall, gym, office, college. Etcetraa. We come in touch with people of varied types in our lifetime.  people with different taste, size, different religion, different opinions, different hobbies, different eating /drinking habit, different level of knowledge/intelligibility etcetra etcetra.

This is time, we get into ambiguous situation where, we do not realise exactly which person to choose as close friends and which person to choose as normal friends and which person to keep at distance !!!

One should be extra cautious about few people who are prone to be risky to our lives in any manner. So the types of people that one come across in one's normal routine of life activities are listed one by one below.

1. Polite, Caring, Friendly, Selfless

This category of people are of very helpful nature. They will be trying to make others smile most of times hiding any personal worries within themselves. They do not expect financial help from partner unless emergency. They have some ethics to return money too on time.They never hurt or play with others feelings. They work hard to improve themselves and also tries to bring partner forward in life with positive attitude. This category of person  do not care about professional or financial status to be barrier in friendship.

This category of people is best suitable for close friendship.

2. Polite, Caring ,Friendly, but Selfish

This category of people are managable since they are similar to Category 1. However selfish nature is thing which one need to consider. These people will most of time worry of themselves more rather than their partner even during any emergency case where help is of critical need. They do not take those emergency as priority. One can make them just friends but not close friends as they would be less helpful during emergency.

3. Polite, Caring,  Friendly, but Negative thinker

This category of friends even though looks similar to category one , negative thinking nature has to be considered which will drive their partner also into the same. These people will be very charming in nature however, when difficulty arises to the partner, they start overreacting and get anxious .They think negatively in  every possible way and close door of any possibilities to solve issue in that instant of time. This is very dangerous. These people try to convince partner to run away from problems and say there is no way to solve issue and better to quit. This would be turning point of one's life in negative way. 

it is better to keep such people as friends but at a quite greater distance farther than that of Category 2 people.

4. Manipulative Ghosts, pretending as Category 1, Cruel & Cunning from within.

These people just behave they as they are friendly and helpful from front but they will have second face masked. These people are mostly found at workplace, where one believes that one has to bring one's competitor down the ladder in order for one to move up through the success ladder.

They will never indulge in any of bad addictive habbit, but somehow they try to infuse certain addictive habbit into their partner misusing partner's trust. This way they try to bring down partners efficiency in work or studies in college, they try to defame their name secretly as ghost and break partner unknowingly. 

One need to be extra cautious about people belonging to category 4. So keep this people away  at any cost at farther distance than that of Category 2 & 3.


However different people will be having different opinions regarding making friends. Some believe that close friendship last longer of both have same financial status, but my opinion is that financial status should not be a barrier if you find category 1 or 2 . 

( Krishna's story in brief - Sudhama was also selfish at some point of time when he secretly ate alone all the food that someone gave him, which he did not share even with his close friend, Krishna during difficult times of hunger and  rain while also his other friends were sitting on tree. However later he realises his mistake. when Krishna becomes king and sudhama comes to his kingdom for help, Krishna accepts Sudhama as his close friend regardless of his financial status and helps him.)