There are  people of varied nature, intelligence, shape and thought process in this universe. Some are very quick to do any tasks which may studying or working in office. They are able to grasp anything just with one lecture or hearing any tutorial video just once. On the contrast some are slow in their task sometimes efficient but sometimes unknowingly commit many errors in their task even if they are willing to give their best performance and willing to be perfect in doing any tasks. Some are over weight and want to reduce weight and some are under weight and want to gain weight. Such case of people may be called as struggling category people.

In such scenario, each one of those struggling category people think about improving themselves every day trying sufficient ways, hacks, trial and error methods to achieve their goals. Sometimes they  succeed and sometimes they fail to do so. Sometimes they opt for shortcuts and  they become victim of wrong or fake medicines sold in market. Sometimes they find many right paths by researching online or they get to know by their teachers (Guru), friends or parents.

Three such effective methods they come across to improve oneself  are  Gymastics, Yoga and Meditation. Such people are usually ambiguated to choose one which is suitable for them and end up in not choosing any of the options . Few people choose one method somehow, however, they stick to it for only for a temporary time period. Now question that arises in mind of these people is that 'which is the best choice to  become more productive in their work or increase their focus on studies? Which is best method to reduce or increase weight? Is that Gym, yoga or meditation? All seems to be similar from outer view. However they are quite different.  Let us go through details of each method step by step.

GYM or Gymnasium

Gymnasium is a place where several machines and equipments used by people to achieve goal of reducing or increasing individuals weight.  It includes strength training, weight training, aerobic excercise, ground excercise, streching excercise etcetraa .

Goal: is achieved only when all excercise  and diet plans instructed by the trainer are  followed regularly.


Reducing excess fat from one's body makes one active and healthy thus improving one's concentration on studies or productivity in work premises too.

Yoga and Meditation

Many people have wrong perception that both are similar. However they are different practices. Former is pertaining to Physical activity & Latter is pertaining to Mental activity.

One who is victim of anxiety, depression and stress are unable to perform Meditation, which is performed by sitting at one place with leg crossed. 

For such category of people, yoga comes to the rescue. Such people perform various physical asanas ( postures of body) to get rid of stress, anxiety and depression and become eligible for mindfulness practice of meditation.

Goal: is achieved only when performing meditation, one seperate oneself from all personal greed and problems and solely concentrate on single entity ( Lord).


Yoga and meditation provides extra boost to one's mental and physical strength . Thus one can improve concentration on studies as well as improve productivity in the work premises.