A dream may be a series of thoughts, pictures and sensations occurring during a person’s mind throughout sleep. My intention of writing on this topic is to highlight dreams that occurs to immigrated singles at night and also the troubles they face and address solutions to their common issues with help of my experience.

Some dreams may be pleasant or some may be nightmare/ horror type. Pleasant dreams may include memories related to their past such as childhood memories or that may be anything from the Lower Kinder Garten till present day. Pleasant dreams may include those memories or moments that they are missing the most.
Pleasant dream may include love interest, favourite food, what they wanted to become or achieve etcetra etcetra...I would like to share few such childhood memories from school life which lead to pleasant dreams most of time. Most of readers too may relate to this.

Memory #1:
  •  During my Lower Kinder Garten (LKG), my mom used to drop me till classroom and i was not allowing her to leave classroom and made her to sit beside me on the bench. I was crying so much that everyone tried to pacify me everyday.  My class teacher, (I do remember her name , Sinchana Ma'am) used to make me sit on Wooden Horse toy and maid ( we called her Deedhi) used to give me lollypop(Sugar candy). Later mom used to go to office.
Dream : Same incidents get repeated during sleep. However I cannot see myself. I would be able to see only few characters 

Memory #2:
  • During KG classes, I swallowed Lollypop (sugar candy with stick) and was stuck in throat that i used to eat everyday. I cried a lot, later everyone gathered and took me to doctor. Doctor peeped into my throat and found there was nothing stuck in my throat.He said I swallowed it and I was happy. I thought that I got second chance to Live.
Dream : I could not see doctors face but I could hear his voice and I could see few people.

Memory #3
  • We had PT (Physical training) classes on wednesdays in primary school , we had to wear white uniforms and that was tuffest day for me since I was too fat 🤣 and We all had to run 2 complete rounds of large playground. I was panting at end of 1st round itself. Later we had to do ground excercise. Those who did not wear full white uniform including shoes, belt had to run 4 rounds🤣😰
Dream: I keep running in playground sweating, panting and I could see few classmates mocking at me. Though i consider this as pleasant.

Memory #4

My dream in primary school days was to get cycle so that i can commute to school with ease and later i was so excited when my mom bought me cycle during 5th std and even though I didnt know how to ride it, I was pushing it with hand visiting all the neighbours (door entrance) and horning showing them new Cycle🤣.

Dream: I keep cycling and reach school see few friends faces in class mixed with my office colleagues too!

  • Dreaming at night is considered as typical behaviour of a person. But it becomes unusual when those unpleasant nightmares leads to anxiety. Some dreams may show us something that we believe it to be our future. However, it is actually called as DeJa-VU. 
DeJa-VU is a feeling that one has lived through the present situation before or it literally translates as 'already seen'. 

  • Some see dreams in which they just keep driving car or any vehicle at high speed but it never stops and feel they lost control. In other scenario, they keep falling from a very high altitude and never reach ground and wake up suddenly sweating. Some see that they are in dessert / No Man's land.

This is result of insecurities, instabilities and feeling of losing control in real life situations. This refect the way you feel in relationship and real life work environment. Such dreams define your lonliness too.

Remedy :

I have only few solutions for all such unpleasant dreams:
  • Sleep Well ( away from digital gadgets)
  • Dont Strain yourself during work
  • Forget all unpleasant memories everyday before going to bed. 
  • Eat healthy and stay fit enough to face daily issues with confidence and have control over situations, so that you do not have to face such dreams at night.
  • Keep in touch with your loved one's so that you do not feel lonely
  • Enjoy each day and do not regret for opportunities you missed or failed trying in the past or do not worry about milestones that is to be achieved in future, just focus on present