• Single's who persue their career or studies away from home will be clogged in mind with so many irrelevant questions filled with anxiety making them loose motivation to study,  work and stop them from performing their routine tasks.
  • The most common thing in every single's mind is about future such as  "where am  I  going to settle after 5 years from now?", "Will i accomplish my goals"? "What if I am unable to accomplish my goals ?", "What if I Fail?" and so on...
The Most interesting and common question that single's have in their mind is 
"I am tired of going to work / study every day. I am still at 20's, 'Sixty-five' age seems so far away. What can I do to get through it all?
Should I save money to retire early" ? or should I continue my mundane work till 60's? when I don't really have any dream to aspire toward"?

  • It doest not make any sense in saving most of the money for future to retire early, because earlier you retire, earlier you get rusted like iron, sitting  idle . The common tendency of human mind is that everyone feel of not going to job when they have job in hand, but when they do not have any job to do, they want to work .
You can motivate yourselves following simple solutions mentioned below:

  1. Imagine that you are injected into very intresting video game scenario and enjoy everyday as videogame play to accomplish certain set of goals everyday instead of feeling bored.
  2.  Everything is in your mind,Change  your mind. Meditating for 20–30 min per day will help you get enough energy for the day. It gives you will power to change way of thinking and think postively. 
  3. Saving 10–20% of your income is sensible simultaneously enjoying life without missing any entertainments that you need to experience at younger age. 
  4. Once we start getting older ( Around 55), we cannot be strong as younger times to enjoy anything and we start regretting later or complaining ourselves for not doing what we really wanted to do.”  
  5. This Goes with Kannada Proverb "Halliddaga Kadale illa, Kadale iddaga Hallu illa"  translated to english -- "When there is tooth, no groundnut , when there is groundnut no tooth” 
  6. Suppose we save large part of income say 50% or more by sacrificing all our favourite food, comfort and travel destination, All our savings will be enjoyed by someone else, may be our childrens, Not Us. ( Though some may disagree to this since they want their children to be happy )
  7. Also one more strong reason for not making excess savings is that more the properties we accumulate more the chances of our children becoming lazy in studies thinking that "what is the need of hardwork/study? when we have enough money to enjoy rest of our lives?!!! 
  8. Make sure, children will not inherit property unless they prove that they are capable to lead life independently
One more common question is 
"How should I spend time after coming from Office?
  • As you leave office premises, first thing you want to do is to eat something tasty & healthy as you are too hungry. 
  • Join a Dance class nearby. it will be fun + fitness + energy booster.
  • Call your dear one's and speak a bit to relax.
  • Go for a walk in the nearby park.
  • Have a good sleep avoiding all distractions of phone / social media.
  • Plan your next day for smooth working without any trouble.