When we hear the term 'Cooking', what is that appears in our imagination instantly? Is that Food? No... The first person that appear in our imagination is our Mom then next thing that appears is her delicious mouth watering food recipes that we were craving for. Do you Agree ?? However we know that no food can match the home made food. Also HomeMade food are believed to be healthy compared to outside hotel foods.

People who are away from home especially unmarried / singles / bachelors / spinsters face difficulty in cooking basic food recipes for their survival since they are not used to the current scenario of staying seperately. They can follow some basic cooking techniques as mentioned below which not only helps to keep one healthy but also save large part of the money one earns. 

How to cook with minimum or no cooking skills ? How to cook varieties with minimum ingredients in your place of stay? How to cook your favourite food without food getting wasted by the reason of  overcooking or sometimes preparing half cooked foods

I am writing to address this common issue which many singles are facing.

We can consider cooking any food recipe as  Mathematics Problem. You may wonder with question, how is that??

If we observe both Cooking and Mathematics Problem closely, ingredients needed for cooking is the Formulae of mathematical equations or problems. We prepare all individual formula or ingredients in a cup ready to finally pour all into a dish of mathematical equations or cooking pan, step by step and finally a delicious solution is prepared at the end . This solution is nothing but Food we cooked .

Below Magic recipe is universal basic method for almost all veggies dishes/ Bhaji of your choice. ( considering food for 1 person for a day)

Magic Recipe Ingredients required:

Magic Ingredients - 4-5 Tea spoons of any edible Oil ( your Choice ) +1 Mini Teaspoon
 of Mustard seeds, Urad Dal, Turmeric, coriander powder, 5 Teaspoon of Scrapped coconut, jaggery, 
salt / chilli /Hing Powder ( for taste)
10 - 15 Bay leaves for Aroma, coriander leaves for seasoning,
Any Veggies of your choice neatly chopped, half boiled and washed.

Method to Cook your favourite Bhaji/ dish

  1. Pour Edible oil into a Cooking Pan, wait until it smokes a bit on medium flame,
  2. Then pour Mustard seeds, urad dal, bay leaves, heat on low flame, wait until mustard seeds breaks and rest turns brown indicating that this is the perfect time to pour turmeric/ salt/Chilly/ Hing/Coconut/ coriander powder, little jaggery.
  3. Add water and mix all of above ingredients evenly .
  4. Add half boiled veggies of your choice to the above mixture and cook on medium flame
  5. Your favourite Bhaji is ready to be served with Rice or Chapati.

  • Above dish can be served with Rice or Chapati. Above mentioned method can be used in making morning breakfast by replacing veggies with Mung daal/ Bengal gram/ Upma/ Poha/ Mushroom etcetra ...
Slight changes can be made in the ingredients mentioned above as per your taste.

Method to Cook Rice:

  • Wash raw rice with water, you can see white/ brown residues leaving rice.
  • You can Boil 3/4 - 1 cup of  rice with 2 cup of water in pressure cooker and wait until 2 whistles sounds and turn it off .
  • You can use any vessel to cook rice but you need to keep monitoring water content in rice. else it will be overcooked making it unsuitable to eat.

  • Do not open lid of cooker immediately after turning of the flame
  • Open the lid of pressure cooker after 5-10 min of turning flame off, When lid surface loosens from cooker.

Method to Cook Chapati:

  1. Take 2 cups of hotwater in a vessel and add little salt /sugar and stir well. Pour wheat atta until dough becomes non sticky and pour some coconut oil and mix dough thoroughly for 15-20  until cracked surfaces on the dough disappears. 
  2. Now turn dough into pipe shape and cut into medium balls of dough . Create round shaped chapati by constantly using dry dough ( to avoid sticking ) on  roti making surface).
  3. Fry chapati on Pan initially with high flame, keep pressing all sides of roti to cook evenly and reduce flame after flipping, pour coconut oil drops all over the chapati  
  4. Serve hot fluffy Chapatis with above mentioned dish.