Digital Eye Strain and Digital Screen Addiction

Ever since my childhood days in the early 1990s, there were no smartphones, people would rarely use cellphones or laptops for entertainment instead childrens or teens would spend time in the playground. Laptops were used by very few well-to-do proffessionals, mostly for job purposes. As days passed new technology came into existence and Top business giants started to atrract public to their products like cellphones to attract kids and teens. They started to market cellphones which earlier were just used for text messaging or calls and screens were black and white, However now color cellphones with varieties of features are available in market in which one can perform several task like gaming, capturing photos, videos, uploading on social media sites etcetra etcetra one a single device. As technology advanced, Childrens/Teens Started moving gradually from outdoors to indoors for entertainment. Same happened with Desktops/ Laptops.Gaming Laptops with high graphics and gaming consoles like XBOX were introduced to making younger generation as slaves  

What causes addiction to these smart devices is same 'feel good chemicals' that is released during consumption of drugs/ when someone likes your photo on social networking sites, is released during watching screen and using different features introduced in cellphones /Computers have caused addiction in the younger generation. They are not able to get rid of it even though they know the negative circumstances  of exposing their eyes to digital screen for longer time duration!!

What is Screen Time?

Screen time is the amount of time spent using a device with a screen such as a smartphone, computer, television or video game console. It is the high time to limit the Screen time. 

I may have to face criticism from younger generations for writing this article, since I am not a doctor. I agree addiction cannot be stopped all of a sudden, It takes a lot of time. This article is based on my personal and friend's experiences. In this article I will be focussing on addressing 'Singles' eye issues and few home care solution to take care of eyes naturally, which may be applied to others also. This is not a substitute for doctors advice. 

Nowadays with advancement in technology, Several EYE issues are being faced by singles due to prolonged screen time, 5 most common ones are listed below
  1. Dry Eyes/Red eyes/ Excess Tear Outflow
  2. Eye twitching 
  3. Halos/ Light sphere images appearing 
  4. Eye pain leading to Headache.
  5. Drowsiness while studying

1. Dry Eyes/Red eyes/ Excess Tear Outflow

This occurs when one is exposed to digital screen for prolonged time without blinking one's eyes. Every human has inbuilt rhythm  called circadian rhythm within one's body.

A circadian rhythm is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours.
So it demands proper sleep at particular time of sleep cycle which is night. When we do not have sufficient sleep/No sleep at night there will be abnormal symptoms which start indicating the issue. This sometimes also causes excess water flowing out of one's eyes making eyes dry and red, which one may feel there is some serious issues with their eyes. 

Nothing to worry, just have enough sleep and limit screen time for 1-2 hrs and relax frequently. Also keep blinking your eyes frequently when exposed to digital screen.
If this does not work after 1-2 days also, you need to consult physician.
Simple excercise is to move your retina to extreme all directions for 1-2 min to relax eye muscles and every 20 minutes ,shifting your eyes to farther objects and nearest computer.

  • Eye twitching 

Eye twitching means your lower or upper eyelid shuts completely or little, involuntarily, these are also called as spasms. This occurs mainly due to screen time especially when you watch digital smart cellphones screens lying on bed on one side, your head placed on pillow, unknowingly you are watching screen with only one eye and other eye is covered with pillow part!!! Also this occurs if you are not using prescription eye glasses.
This can also be reduced by reducing caffeine intake and proper rest.
You can use sterile eye moistening drops for temporary eye relief.

This can be solved by viewing Smart screen equally with both eyes at particular distance while sitting. Avoid watching screen lying on bed. Use prescription Glasses if any. As per doctors advice , power tend to increase of one do not use glasses regularly.

  • Halos/ Light sphere shaped images appearing during viewing clear sky or any object

This occurs when a fluid inside retina melts due to longer screen time exposure and those particles appear in front as spheres. 
As per doctors advice, monor light spheres can be neglected. Appear in case of those having cylindrical power issues.


This cannot be neglected.If you see dark Halos/ Spheres it is strongly recommended to meet doctor at earliest.

4. Eye pain leading to Headache.
5. Drowsiness while studying

Both of the above symptoms occur mostly due to High cylindrical or spherical eye power and one is not using prescription glasses. one is straining eyes a lot watching screen or reading texts of small font size in books without glasses. Another reason is that one is watching digital screen with high brightness and contrast and with small font size of text  .


Get your eye testing done and start wearing glasses with blue light /UV light coating or adjust blue light filters in your smart phone settings. Sleep for 6-7 hrs. 
Watch digital screen with medium brightness and contrast and with Large font size of text .

Good luck...