There may be umpteen varieties of reasons for a person to be single for a prolonged period of time which may lead to creation of better career opportunities or it may  
put us in a situation where we need to face 
various criticism from our parents or society beings neighbours and so called friends and relatives.

Bachelors face this criticism when they are freshly graduated from college and they were not absorbed in college placement activity and while they are preparing for further studies or any competitive exams.

Spinsters face this criticism when they are graduated freshly from college and thinking about job/further studies and not ready to marry immedeately,  according to conventional tradition followed by their parents

Reality is that, every person in society is  curious to know what their neighbor kin is upto and want them to follow conventional traditional practices regarding marraige culture without worrying about what their own kin is doing at their home!

However people fail to realise that there are plenty of factors which may have forced them in making their decision to lead a single life.

Some of the factors may include folowing:

  • Single's do not find their dream partner because of having huge expectations from them such as expecting partner to be working in high paid IT sector job or  highly secured Govt Sector job or expects partner  of same caste, also expects that partner doesnt  drink / smoke and they should have supportive 'In Laws', High percentage horoscope match, expect good looking partner even though they look like garbage bin,  etcetra etcetra etcetra..
  • Few Single's think that their freedom will be lost and they can not enjoy life as 'singles' post marriage.( These negative thoughts are based on inputs from negative minded and  so called experienced married friends/ colleagues/ Neighbours)
  • Some single's also fear of divorce after marriage and court cases since they are fed with news from TV / online channels, TV soaps/Married neighbours, friends or colleagues.
  • Some single's keep on trying govt. sector job or high profile job or keep on trying to get promoted to next level in their job either to impress their 'lover or their parents' to be eligible for 'so called arranged marriage'.
  • Some single's give up at the age of 30, due to lack of self confidence,  demise of parents/ close relatives , negative thoughts of never finding a match anymore in future since age threshold is reached ( These thoughts are caused due to their close friends opinions).
  • Few single's are foody and obese and try to reduce his/her weight or tummy by following diet to impress his/her lover and forget the very next day so that they never achieve it until his/her lover gets married to other person.
  • Some Single's are so much involved in money making business that they completely forget their personal life and remain single forever.
  • Some Single's will be day dreaming about partner in dreamworld and believe completely on their fate and keep waiting for right time when his/her partner comes finding him/her ( imagining themselves to be Hero / Heroine in a movie )
  • Some Single's are just born to express and not to impress and follow their goals with full focus.